Former First Lady of South Korea, 

Kwon Yang-sook

About our Founder

Jonathan Lee founded I See Hope in 2009 at the age of 12.  He started his journey in activism in 2007 with the creation of 'The Adventures of GoGreen Man,' a cartoon series aimed at inspiring youths to be proactive in conservation. 

He realized there was more he could do to raise awareness about environmental issues,  so he took his project from a small town in Mississippi to a global audience.

Over time, he expanded on his original ideas and made "humanitarian environmentalism" his primary focus (a concept inspired by the ideas of former South Korean President Kim Dae Jung after meeting him in 2008), which laid the foundations for I See Hope.

Today, Jonathan is a published author, the Dokdo Green Environmental Ambassador,  and a contributor to many events that focus on helping people and the earth.

Former First Lady of South Korea,

Lee Hee Ho

Our Vision

A world without conflicts in which mankind lives as a good caretaker of his environment.

Our Mission

We leverage our passion for the environment to engage youth in the pursuit of peace and to influence the world around them.   

Our Slogan

Helping out people and the earth (HOPE).


Who Are We?

We were founded in 2009 with the belief that we could help make a difference in the world.  Our core ideology is humanitarian environmentalism, or a belief in helping people and the environment at the same time.

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We sincerely thank you for your interest in I See Hope!  

Former Vice President of the Philippines,

Jejomar Binay

Honorary Board Members