Helping the Local Community!

Hope Shoppe collects unwanted items and distributes them to people in need in the greater Jackson area.

When we receive donated items, we are upcycling, or creating a new purpose for items that were destined for a landfill.

If you would like to schedule a donation pickup, please contact us at

Due to the large influx of donations, we are currently unable to accommodate any items other than clothing.

Annual Peace March / DMZ Peace Forest

Dokdo Sea Lions

HOPE Shoppe

What Are We Doing at I See Hope?

Motto of the Event

  • Above Politics
  • Above Borders
  • Above Conflicts
  • Above Ideology

It's all about giving hope to people and children around the world.

As Dokdo's Green Ambassador, Jonathan strives to help bring sea lions back to the island.

Classroom Green Project!

From 2012-2014, I See Hope organized a 'day of peace' on March 21 to serve as a reminder for all the families separated and lives affected by the current conflict in Korea.

As a part of the event, hundreds of youth and foreign dignitaries stood in solidarity against the destructive forces of war by marching on the DMZ and by participating in a tree planting ceremony.

Classroom Green is a project in which an ICEY representative goes to a school or classroom and gives a presentation on how they, as students, can help the environment.  An indoor multimedia presentation helps keep everyone's attention while teaching about helping the earth by doing things as simple as recycling.  Many times, an outdoor presentation is also possible during which students help plant trees and participate in various other activities.

Businesses interested in sponsoring this event will be featured in a pamphlet or flyer that is handed out as part of the presentation.  It is your opportnity to show the children, parents and teachers present that your business shares their enthusiasm to help the earth.